Other Animal Rights groups:

Animal Emancipation - Group providing vegan outreach ideas and abolitionist theory based activism.

Animal Freedom (Birmingham) - A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the abolition of nonhuman animal slavery and exploitation, and the recognition of their equal rights and freedom.

Peaceful Prarie Sanctuary - "In addition to providing life-long care for the animals, we are dedicated to promoting vegan living as the most effective way to reduce the suffering and exploitation of animals."

Vegan Outreach Lincoln and East Midlands - We are a vegan abolitionist group based in Lincoln but working throughout the UK.

Vegan Campaign Groups

The Vegan Society - the world's first vegan society. Provides fact sheets on topics including nutrition and health.

Vegan:UK - An on-line UK based resource on veganism, featuring a variety of help and advice for going and staying vegan.

Vegan:UK Facebook network - Network for vegans, non-vegans interested in veganism, and advocates interested in doing what's right.

Vivisection Information

Safer Medicines Campaign - formerly Europeans for Medical Progress, an independent patient safety organisation of doctors and scientists whose concern is whether animal testing, today, is more harmful than helpful to public health and safety.

Animal Rights - Reasoning and Philosophy

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach - Article based blog run by Gary L. Francione, Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law and Philosophy at Rutgers.

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Vegan Shopping

Alternative Stores - ethical products for vegans including vegan footwear, cruelty free cosmetics, health & beauty, foods, vitamins & minerals, ...

Bourgeois Boheme - compassionate fashion boutique.

Feelgood Handbags - an animal friendly company, dedicated to bringing about an awareness of non-animal exploitative products by providing charming and elegant alternatives to leather.

Vegan Store -
Vegan owned and run store opened on the 1st May 2000, Europe's one stop vegan shop!

Other Vegan Shoe/fashion Retailers: Vegetarian Shoes, Ethical Wares, Freerangers, Veganline,

Media Links

A Delicate Balance - 'Our aim is to raise awareness and help to educate people on how human, animal and planetary health are affected by the consumption of meat and dairy and industrial animal agriculture. Please help us spread this message...'

Earthlings - 'Considered the most persuasive documentary ever made. Initially ignored by distributors, today Earthlings is considered the definitive animal rights film by organizations around the world.'

The Animals Film - 'The pioneering, definitive documentary about the exploitation of animals in modern society, The Animals Film was released theatrically and televised internationally to wide acclaim.'